The Sling

For Sport and Survival

by Cliff Savage


Loompanics Unlimited
70 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
photos, illust.

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The sling may be an ancient weapon, but there are some powerful reasons for including it in any modern arsenal. It is silent and has multiple uses. It is powerful and has better range than a bow. It is accurate and easy to learn to use. It is easily improvised and highly portable. It can be readily concealed. Ammunition is available anywhere for free, and it is inexpensive and takes up little room. This former Loompanics title is the complete manual on this little-known weapon. It tells how to make one, how to use one, and when and where to use one. Six different techniques are described and illustrated in detail. Also included are advice on how and where to practice, descriptions of ammunition and practical applications. Highly recommended for all survivalists and weapons enthusiasts.
1) History of the Sling
2) The Sling as a Weapon
- Basic Description
- Advantages of the Sling as a Weapon
- The Sling vs. The Bow
3) Techniques of Use
- Preliminary Considerations
- Fundamentals
- Standard Hurls
- Combination Hurls
4) Construction of the Sling
- Materials and Sources
- Design and Assembly
- Variations
- The Staff Sling
5) Ammunition
6) Practical Applications
- Entertainment
- Sport
- Hunting
- Agriculture
- Wilderness Survival
- Urban Warfare