Live Freebook of Total Survival

Principles for Organizing Your Life, Home, Vehicle, and Family for Natural Disasters, Civil Unrest, Financial Meltdown, Medical Epidemics, and Political Upheaval

by James C. Jones


180 pages, 8.5" x 11"
photos and illustrations

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"It's not what you have. It's what you have with you.
It's not what you can do. It's what you do."

After 50 years of writing, teaching, and advocating for survival preparedness and self-reliance, author James C. Jones has covered about every survival-related subject there is. There are hundreds of "survival manuals" out there, and Jones did not want to simply create another one. Knowing that no survival book can cover every conceivable aspect of surviving every conceivable situation, he decided to focus on subjects that he felt were the most likely needs and for which he could create useful and practical instruction. His goal was to share a variety of practical survival skills, principles, and ideas in an easy-to-read format that will aid the reader in becoming stronger, safer, and more self-reliant.

The 10 principles are derived from analysis of true survival accounts. Studies of why some people survived fires, plane crashes, assaults, and other deadly situations while others in the same situations perished confirm that these principles made the difference. Although the data and concepts were derived from accounts of acute disasters–such as tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, and epidemics–they apply equally well to chronic disasters, such as economic decline, shortages, unemployment, climate change, and personal family or health issues.

In reality, all of life is a low-intensity survival challenge, and a survival emergency is just a high-intensity life challenge. These 10 survival principles are the key to success in everyday life, and not just during an emergency.
James. C. Jones founded Live Free USA in the late 1960s and helped it evolve from an outdoor survival club into a broad-based national preparedness and self-reliance education organization. During the 1970s and 1980s, he was a leading voice in defending and defining responsible survivalism on national television and radio. While interest in self-reliance waned somewhat in the 1990s, he worked to hold the movement together and sustain the networks that still existed. When the events and trends of the 21st century rekindled interest and support for survival education and self-reliance, he became active in the newly titled 'prepper' movement. Jones has developed and conducted hundreds of survival training events and seminars over the past 40 years and has written hundreds of articles for Live Free's newsletter, American Survivor. His is also the author of the Paladin book Beyond Survival.
1) Ten Principles of Survival
2) Ten Disasters to Prepare For
3) Ten Items for the Prepared Home
4) Ten Items You Should Always Carry
5) Ten Things You Should Have in Your Survival Pack(s)
6) Ten Ways to Avoid and Survive Street Crime
7) Ten Self-Defense Moves You Should Know
8) Ten Medical Skills You Should Know
9) Ten Ways to Gather and Purify Water
10) Ten Ways to Gather and Store Food
11) Ten Ways to Start and Maintain a Fire
12) Ten Shelters You Should Know How to Build
13) Terrorism