Fighting Secrets of Muay Thai

The Art and Science of Thai Kickboxing, Vols. 1–3

with Bob Carver

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245 minutes

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Thai kickboxing is one of the most brutal combat sports practiced today. Also known as "the science of the eight limbs," it combines punches, elbows, knee strikes and kicks into a punishing full-contact fighting system that is practiced by martial artists and sport competitors the world over.

Bob Carver, senior instructor under Thai boxing legend Surachai "Chai" Sirisute, has distilled the teaching of this art into a systematic, lesson-specific curriculum that gives you all the tools and training you need to quickly master its savage techniques. Carver's unique, body-mechanics-oriented approach provides a step-by-step training progression that "burns in" proper form and reflexes much faster than traditional training methods.

Volume 1: Fundamental Offensive and Defensive Skills develops the building blocks of stance, footwork, the jab, the cross, straight knee and the devastating Thai round kick.

Volume 2: Advanced Thai Boxing Arsenal extends these body mechanics to foot jabs, hooks, elbow strikes, uppercuts and basic clinching tactics.

Volume 3: Hard-Core Training Drills and Ring Work takes you into the ring and brings it all together with high-speed pad drills, sparring and advanced offensive combinations and defensive tactics For information purposes only.
Bob Carver has been a student of the martial arts for more than 30 years. He was the first Canadian to be certified as an official instructor of Muay Thai by Thai boxing legend Surachai Sirisute and is also a 3rd-degree black belt in taekwon do and a certified instructor in kali under Guro Dan Inosanto. A noted law enforcement and military close-combat trainer, Carver teaches out of his school in Ottawa, Ontario.
1) Stance and Footwork
2) The Jab
3) The Cross
4) Adding Footwork to the Jab and Cross
5) The Thai Boxing Stance
6) Straight Right Knee and Right Round Kick
7) The Catch, Parry, Slip, Sway, and Duck
8) The Cover, Bob, and Weave
9) Defense Against Right Kick
10) Round Kicking with Left Leg
11) The Foot Jab
12) The Hook
13) The Uppercut
14) Elbow Strikes
15) Keeping the Elbows in Tight for Defense and Offense
16) The Scoop Defense
17) The Quick Switch and the Clinch
18) Fixing Common Mistakes
19) Advanced Kicking Techniques
20) Advanced Clinch Techniques
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