Appear to Vanish

Stealth Concepts for Effective Camouflage and Concealment

by Matthew Dermody


106 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
color photos

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"As a professional soldier, I heartily recommend this book and believe that it will fill a niche that is currently open and needs to be filled."—David Scott-Donelan, Tactical Tracking Operations

Senses, spacing, shadow, surroundings, shine, study, shifting, status quo, surface. These nine stealth concepts are essential for the successful implementation of camouflage and concealment. In this informative and comprehensive new guide, Matthew Dermody demonstrates how each of these fundamental concepts is used to build the foundation for effective camouflage.
Why do you need to pay all this attention to camouflage and concealment? Because camouflage and concealment are every bit as important as your weapon, your helmet, your reconnaissance gear, and your tactics. If you do not plan for proper camouflage and concealment protocols, then you have failed to plan. Failing to plan can mean failing a hunt, failing a mission, or, worse yet, failing to come home.
With his in-depth interpretation and expansion of the familiar military topics of camouflage and concealment, along with their interrelated and interdependent subcategories, Dermody expertly demonstrates how anyone can Appear to Vanish!

"This thorough study of human stealth and camouflage lives up to its title and forces you to 'think' camouflage in all its subtleties."—Major John L. Plaster, Ultimate Sniper
Matthew Dermody has been obsessed with camouflage and concealment for more than 25 years. He maintains a camouflage and concealment website,, focusing on the instructional and educational aspects of the art of camouflage. He is available for consultation and offers training courses and seminars for both military/police and civilians. He currently lives in the Inland Northwest area of the United States with his wife and twin daughters. Visit the author's website or Facebook page @HiddenSuccessTactical and follow him on Twitter @AppearToVanish.
1) The Need for Camouflage
2) Senses
3) Spacing
4) Shadow
5) Shine
6) Shifting
7) Surface
8) Surroundings
9) Status Quo
10) Study