You're Already Dead

Surprise an Attacker with Counterattack Tactics

with Joseph Simonet

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68 minutes

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The idea for this video came to long-time martial artist and best-selling Paladin author Joseph Simonet while he was salmon fishing on Lake Michigan. You might think that this is an incongruous thought for such a beautiful place. But, as most of us know, bad things do happen in nice places . . . even to nice guys. While he was enjoying the view and the fishing, Simonet and his party were confronted by a person he dubbed Johnny Law, who had nothing better to do than annoy them with his pompous rantings. As the interloper became more and more obnoxious, Simonet fantasized about how easy it would be to take out the man with a few decisive moves. "Dude, you're already dead, and you don't even know it," Simonet chuckled to himself.

Realizing how quickly an unprepared person could be taken out if attacked suddenly, Simonet decided to come up with a series of quick defenses and counterattacks he would use in similar circumstances. What he came up with was the supported-elbow frame defense, which is highly effective against a direct upper body attack. Since then, Simonet has continuously improved it with modifications prompted by real-life fighting lessons. You're Already Dead shows how it is not only a perfect cage defense, but also an efficient counterattack launching system. Check out this simple, versatile defense system so you don't end up on the wrong end of a surprise lethal assault.
Best-selling Paladin author Joseph Simonet is one of the most accomplished practitioners of the Indonesian art of Pentjak Silat in the United States. He is a certified instructor in five different martial arts systems. With Addy Hernandez, he operates KI Fighting Concepts in Wenatchee, WA, and teaches seminars on various martial arts subjects around the country. Learn more about their work and programs at their website.
1) Posture and Legality
- Positioning
- Inside Arms Defense
2) Traditional Blocking
- Outward Blocks
- Inward Blocks
- Downward Blocks
3) Supported Elbow Frame (S.E.F.)
- Break Down
- Fight Demonstration
- S.E.F. Drill
- Conceptual Analysis and Practical Application
- S.E.F. with Blade
- Blade vs. Stick
- S.E.F. with Stick
- Stick vs. Blade
- Triangle Demonstration
- Check Kicks