Wind and Rock: The Video Series

Volume 1: Ki Fighting Concepts with Joseph Simonet and Addy Hernandez
Volume 2: Jeet Kune Do Unlimited With Burton Richardson
Volume 3: Doce Pares Eskrima With Christopher Petrilli

with Joseph Simonet and Addy Hernandez

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270 minutes

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Wind and Rock is one of America's premier martial arts training events. The brainchild of best-selling Paladin author Joseph Simonet and Addy Hernandez, this high-speed training odyssey is rapidly setting a new standard in instructional excellence. This video series features some of the most innovative and unique martial arts instruction ever captured on video.

In Volume 1, Simonet and Hernandez teach the down-and-dirty skills that form the heart of their KI Fighting Concepts curriculum. First, they teach you the secrets of their unique system of joint locks, breaks and throws and teach you how to apply them in full-speed street applications. Next, they strip away the nonessentials and teach you the secrets of rapid-fire hitting that will allow you to fight and win against multiple attackers. Finally, they present their "extreme blade" system of high-speed, quick-kill knife fighting.

In Volume 2, noted instructor and Inside Kung Fu magazine columnist Burton Richardson teaches you the secrets of fighting effectively at all ranges and his Jeet Kune Do Unlimited system of groundfighting. Richardson takes you step-by-step through the various phases of his highly regarded Jeet Kune Do Unlimited curriculum and shows you how to flow effortlessly from kicking to punching to trapping to grappling. He reveals little-known tricks from Thai boxing that will enable you to control and punish your opponent while remaining virtually immune to his attacks. Finally, Richardson shows you his interpretation of some of the newest techniques of Brazilian jujitsu and takes you through a crash course in jeet kune do ground fighting. Don't miss this rare opportunity to train with one of today's best-known martial arts instructors.

Volume 3 introduces Christopher Petrilli, 8th-degree black belt in Doce Pares eskrima and expert practitioner of Eskrido, aikido and Indonesian silat. Petrilli gives you a rare look at his extraordinary skills, and provides step-by-step instruction in his unique methods of close-quarter striking, grappling, throwing and advanced weapon-disarming techniques. He shows you how to combine these elements with the footwork and body angling of aikido and silat in one of the most breathtaking demonstrations of martial arts skill ever captured on video.

This is must-see martial arts video at its very best. For information purposes only.
Best-selling Paladin author Joseph Simonet is one of the most accomplished practitioners of the Indonesian art of Pentjak Silat in the United States. He is a certified instructor in five different martial arts systems and founder of Modern Pentjak Silat. With Addy Hernandez, he operates KI Fighting Concepts in Wenatchee, WA, and teaches seminars on various martial arts subjects around the country.

Addy Hernandez holds black belts in kenpo karate, Escrido, and Doce Pares escrima and is a certified Yang-style taijiquan instructor. Together with best-selling author Joseph Simonet, she operates KI Fighting Concepts in Wenatchee, WA, and teaches seminars on various martial arts subjects around the country. Learn more about their work and programs at their website.

A former U.S. Army Ranger, Christopher Petrilli studied Doce Pares eskrima under the legendary Grandmaster Ciriaco "Cacoy" Cañete. He is also an expert practitioner of Indonesian pentjak silat and Japanese aikido.

Burton Richardson has studied extensively with many of the world's finest martial arts instructors and writes a monthly column for Budo Magazine.
1) Joint Lock Flow
2) Fighting Multiple Opponents
3) Extreme Blade
4) From Punching to Clinching
5) Training Drills and the "Boxing Blast"
6) JKD Unlimited Grappling
7) Advanced Sinawali (Double Stick) Training
8) Single Stick and Empty Hand
9) Disarms
10) Compression Locks
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