U.S. Marines Close-Quarters Combat Manual: The Video Series


with M.Sgt. Ronald Donvito, USMC (Ret.)

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The U.S. Marine Corps has come to epitomize courage under fire and deadly effectiveness on the field of battle. Now their close combat secrets are available to the public for the first time in this explosive Paladin video production. This three-disc DVD series features instruction in the LINE (Linear Infighting Neural-override Engagement) program, one of the most successful, effective and enduring close-quarter battle systems ever devised for military use. The techniques of this hand-to-hand combat program are simple, direct and deadly and cover every aspect of close combat, including grappling, knife fighting, joint locks and removal of key enemy personnel. Taught by Master Sergeant Ron Donvito (Ret.), who developed the system after decades of martial arts experience and extensive research of human anatomy, this video series presents a comprehensive self-defense course that should be required viewing for anyone determined to survive a close-combat encounter. For information purposes only.
M.Sgt. Ronald Donvito, USMC (Ret.) began his study of the martial arts at age four and has earned black belts in judo, jujutsu and Shorinji Kempo. Based on his extensive martial arts experience, military training and detailed research into the vital points of the human anatomy, he developed the LINE program. This program was officially adopted by the Marine Corps in 1989, and Donvito was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his accomplishment. Donvito retired after 20 years of military service and now operates Honor Technologies, a training and consulting company that provides instruction in the LINE program and other combat-related skills to elite military and law enforcement units.
1) Definition and Purpose of the Line
2) Basic Combat Stance
3) Target Areas of the Body
4) Weapons of the Body
5) Wristlocks and Counters Against Chokes and Headlocks
- Wristlock
- Reverse Wristlock
- Counter to Front Choke
- Counter to Rear Choke
- Counter to Front Headlock
- Counter to Rear Headlock
- One-Man Line Drill
- Two-Man Line Drill
6) Counters Against Punches and Kicks
- Counter to Lead Hand Punch
- Counter to Rear Hand Punch
- Counter to Uppercut Punch
- Counter to Front Kick
7) Combative Groundfighting
- Opponent-Top Position
- Opponent-Bottom Position
- Bottom Position
- Top Position
8) Unarmed Defense Against a Knife
- Counter to Overhead Attack
- Counter to Straight Thrust
- Counter to Outside Slash
- Counter to Inside Slash
- Counter to Uppercut Attack
9) Knife Fighting
- Counter to Overhead Knife Attack
- Counter to Straight Thrust Knife Attack
- Counter to Outside Slash Knife Attack
- Counter to Inside Slash Knife Attack
10) Removal Enemy Personnel
- Unarmed from the Rear
- Armed from the Rear
- Unarmed from the Prone
- Armed from the Prone
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