Turning Fear Into Power

How To Prevail In Verbal Confrontations And Against Physical Assaults

by Bill Kipp


266 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

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Everyone feels fear. Unfortunately, most people - even trained martial artists - have received precious little guidance in how to handle it. As a result, they typically either freeze like a deer in the headlights or flail ineffectually when faced with a threat. Instead of accepting the adrenalized state brought on by stressful situations as an inevitable, instinctual survival response, they second-guess it, dread it, deny it and fight it.

In this book you'll discover how to transform fear from dreaded enemy into powerful ally. Using a dynamic self-defense technology known as adrenal stress response training, author Bill Kipp has helped literally thousands of men, women and children face their fear head-on, control it and harness it as the tremendous source of power nature intended it to be. Here he describes how the FAST Defense system develops awareness and communication skills that can help you avoid being targeted as a victim, desensitize you to the verbal abuse and threats that attackers use to control their victims, and equip you with verbal defense skills that will stop most altercations before they ever become physical. Finally, he reveals how this fast, effective, scenario-based training methodology empowers you to unleash the fearsome force of adrenaline to fight for your life when all else fails.
Bill Kipp is a black belt martial artist and former special forces Recon Marine who worked as a stuntman, bodyguard, bouncer and self-defense instructor before becoming certified to teach scenario-based adrenal stress response conditioning in 1988. As the founder and president of FAST Defense, he now leads workshops and conducts instructor training in his FAST Defense and EZ Defense systems internationally.
1) Golden Moments: Preincident Factors
2) The Power of Adrenaline
3) The Fast Difference
4) Developing Awareness
5) Assertive Communication: Boundary Setting with eyes, Body, and Voice
6) Physical Defense: It's Not the Size of the Dog in the Fight
7) The Bulletman Armor
8) Teaching Methodology: A deeper Look
9) The Fast Defense Instructor Team
10) The Healing Power of Fast Defense
11) Specialized Adrenal Stress Response Training Applications
12) Debunking Some Common Self-Defense Myths
13) Reality-Based Training Resources