Tough Times Survival Guide, Volume 2 - PDF eBook


158 pages
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Take control of your family's safety, health and security with this handy guide. In Volume 2 Paladin authors reveal their secrets about self-reliance, health care and personal security in such chapters as:

  • Hard-Times Transportation
  • Stockpiling, Stashing, and Caching Ammo
  • The Survivalist's Medical Kit
  • Home Security with Inexpensive Safes
  • Hiding Valuables in Your Home
  • How to Handle a Vehicle Rescue on Your Own
  • Inexpensive Tactical Firearms Training
  • Family Survival Strategies for Large-Scale Emergencies

All this plus 20 more intriguing essays gathered from best-sellers and lesser-known gems in the Paladin catalog or commissioned specifically for this project. Bargain hunters, home workshop improvisers, frugality nuts, the self-employed, the unemployed, traditional survivalist types—Tough Times Survival Guide is an instructive, entertaining resource for all motivated citizens who recognize the value of saving money whenever and wherever they can, managing their own personal safety and becoming more self-sufficient in their lives.
Click here for more information and to download a podcast interview with some of the authors of Tough Times Survival Guide.
Survivalism and Self-Reliance
1) Keeping Your Preparations Low Key
2) Collecting Fowl for Food
3) How to Locate a Cache Site
4) Survival and Hard-Times Transportation
5) Makeshift Gunsmithing
6) Communications for Survival and Self-Reliance
7) How to Handle a Vehicle Rescue On Your Own
8) Survival Poaching
9) Stockpiling, Stashing, and Caching Ammo
10) Circle of Friends: The Importance of Other People in Preparedness Plans
11) Psychological Aspects of Survival
Homespun Health Care
12) Quick, Cheap Medical Training
13) The Survivalist's Medical Kit
14) Do-It-Yourself Eye Treatment
15) U.S. Army Special Forces Medical Care
16) Treating Wounds with Ordinary Sugar
17) Improvising Medical Supplies
Security and Safety
18) Property Crime Primer
19) Home Security with Inexpensive Safes
20) Family Strategies for Escaping Terrorism and Other Disasters
21) Inexpensive Tactical Firearm Training
22) Use PayPal for Privacy
23) Hiding Valuables in Your Home
24) Combat Strength Training without a Gun
25) Building, Stocking, and Using a Sealed Room against a Terrorist Attack
26) "I Am the Bullet"
Summing It Up
27) Coda: Freedom in Tough Times

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