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The phrase "tough times" certainly applies to the economic tailspin in which we've all been plunged. But do you passively sit by while your bank account evaporates, your job disappears, and your cupboards empty of food? Or do you take things into your own hands and become proactive about you and your family's economic well-being?

If you are a Paladin reader, we figure you're firmly in the second camp, which is why we bring you the Tough Times Survival Guide, Volume 1. It is a collection of offbeat, unusual essays on economic survival and self-reliance from a broad spectrum of current Paladin authors, from such old favorites as Ragnar Benson and Ed Romney to a slew of newer voices who approach self-sufficiency from surprising angles. Volume 1 focuses on employment, getting by on less income and a whole host of money-related issues in such chapters as:

  • The Fine Art of Gleaning Food
  • Where to Find Free Computers
  • Full-Time Tent Living
  • How to Get a Job in a War Zone
  • Secrets of Haggling
  • The Lucky 7 Dumpster Diving Spots
  • Bill Collector Psychology
  • What to Do Before You're Fired
  • Free Fuel for Cold Times
  • The Top 10 Websites for Getting by in Tough Times

All this plus 15 more intriguing essays gathered from best-sellers and lesser-known gems in the Paladin catalog or commissioned specifically for this project. Bargain hunters, home workshop improvisers, frugality nuts, the self-employed, the unemployed, traditional survivalist types — Tough Times Survival Guide is an instructive, entertaining resource for all motivated citizens who recognize the value of making money in creative ways, saving money whenever and wherever they can, and becoming more self-sufficient in their lives.
Click here for more information and to download a podcast interview with some of the authors of Tough Times Survival Guide.
1) Making Do with Less
- Fixing Things to Make Them Last
- The Fine Art of Gleaning Food
- The Art Of Scrounging Building Materials
- Dirt-Cheap Desert Living
- Meat, Veggies, and Roadkill: The Wild and Free Cookbook
- The Lucky 7 Dumpster Diving Spots
- Functional Improvised Tools: Homemade Drills
- Where to Find Free Computers
- Building Your Own Computer
- Tenting Today: Full-time Tent Living
- Living on the Streets: 8 Things You'll Need and 10 Places to Sleep
2) Employment and Money
- What to Do Before You're
- The Underground Economy: A Primer
- Some Underground Economy People
- Bill Collector Psychology
- How to Find a Job in Private Security
- Spending Unreported Income
- Secrets of Haggling
- How to Get a Job in a War Zone
- Making Money With a Truck Or Van
- Bank Robbery

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