Traditional to Tactical

by David Grant


150 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

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For centuries soldiers and woodsmen have armed themselves with the tomahawk, and for good reason. Its design is simple but extremely effective at both close and throwing ranges; it does double duty as a close-quarters weapon and a field tool, great for dispatching attackers and busting through doors; and it is durable, easily repaired and readily available without a permit or license. Tomahawks: Traditional to Tactical traces the evolution of the tomahawk as a tactical weapon. Though author David Grant examines historical and traditional designs, his primary focus is on the tactical tomahawks of today.

Grant uses his firsthand knowledge of hawks to analyze the contributions of tactical pioneer Peter LaGana, creator of the legendary Vietnam Tomahawk, as well as those of the best modern masters, including Wally Hayes, J. Neilson, Daniel Winkler and Kevin McClung, among others. Dozens of photographs showcase an amazing variety of tomahawk styles, including those offerings from American Tomahawk Company, Bear Mountain Tomahawks, Graham Brothers Knives, Ranger Knives and RMJ Forge. An instructive chapter on choosing the best tomahawk for your needs and contact information for designers and manufacturers round out this indispensable guide to the modern tactical tomahawk.
David Grant is an avid researcher and collector of handheld weapons. He is the author of Knuckle Dusters and Knuckle Knives.