The Tactical Rifle - PDF eBook

The Precision Tool For Urban Police Operations

by Gabriel Suarez


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264 pages
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In a highly publicized February 1997 shootout, two rifle-wielding thugs managed to outgun LAPD officers armed only with handguns after a botched North Hollywood bank robbery. It was not until responding SWAT officers armed with rifles arrived on the scene that the suspects were finally neutralized, but not without police casualties. Though not the first incidence of police officers being outmatched by criminals' superior firepower, this one was pivotal in bringing about a serious re-examination of the use of the rifle for urban law enforcement. In this book, Gabriel Suarez, founder and senior tactical instructor of his department's Tactical Rifle Team, exposes the myths that have long kept the rifle from being considered for use in urban policing. In addition, he details the many advantages the rifle affords the inner city police officer or SWAT operator in a wide range of deployment situations and presents innovative techniques that are replacing the "traditional" ones among agencies that have adopted the rifle.

As we progress into the 21st century, the rifle is likely to become an increasingly integral part of the police officer's tool bag. This book will serve as a valuable guide to police tactical riflemen, making their jobs easier and safer as they make the criminal's job more difficult and hazardous.
Gabe Suarez is a veteran of Southern California law enforcement, where he has served for many years. His extensive field experience includes single officer patrol, gang enforcement, special operations and tactical training. He was one of the founding members of his department's Special Weapons and Tactical Precision Rifle teams.
1) Firearms Safety and Dry Practice
2) Chamber Checking, Loading, and Unloading
3) Care and Preventive Maintenance
4) The Effects of Barrel Length on Terminal Ballistics
5) Shot Placement and Its Effects on Terminal Ballistics
6) Principles of Marksmanship
7) Iron Sights and Optics
8) Zeroing and External Ballistics
9) Carry and Ready Positions
10) Offhand Firing Position
11) Squatting Firing Position
12) Kneeling Firing Position
13) Sitting Firing Position
14) Prone Firing Position
15) Deploying the Rifle from Sling-Arms
16) Reloading the Rifle
17) Malfunction Clearing Procedures
18) Tactical Considerations
19) Low-Light Operations
20) Shooting on the Move and Close-Contact Techniques
21) Shooting at Angles
22) The Tactical Rifle in the CQB Environment
23) Suggested Qualification Course
24) Record Keeping and the Data Book
25) Selecting the Rifleman

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