The Tactical Advantage

A Definitive Study Of Personal Small-Arms Tactics

by Gabriel Suarez


216 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
photos, illust.

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Read this book and learn the combat-proven techniques big-city cops use to stay alive and effective when the bullets start flying. Maintain the tactical advantage in any situation by knowing how to search buildings for armed intruders, use cover and concealment, maintain proper distance intervals and much more.
Gabe Suarez is a veteran of Southern California law enforcement, where he has served for many years. His extensive field experience includes single officer patrol, gang enforcement, special operations and tactical training. He was one of the founding members of his department's Special Weapons and Tactical Precision Rifle teams.
1) Tactical Mind-Set
2) Basic Tactical Principles
3) Building Searches: Corners and Hallway Intersections
4) Building Searches: Doors
5) Building Searches: Stairs
6) Building Searches: Extreme Close Quarters
7) Tactical Movement to Contact and Shooting on the Move
8) Tactical Use of Cover and Concealment
9) Reduced-Light Operations
10) Team Tactics
11) Tactical Communications
12) Handling Nonshooting Confrontations
13) Weapon Retention and Combat Countermeasures
14) Distance Intervals and Close-Quarters Defense
15) Outdoor Tactics and Moving through Open Areas
16) Tools for Searching
17) How to Practice Tactics
18) Terminology of Tactics
19) Sources for Gear and Training