The Bug Book

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Electronic Eavesdropping . . . But Were Afraid To Ask

by M.L. Shannon


168 pages, 8.5" x 11"
photos, illust.

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What would you do if you thought you were being bugged? How would you defend yourself? How would you even know about it? If you've pondered these questions, and especially if you haven't, you need to read this book. It was written to tell you, the average Joe, everything there is to know about tiny hidden transmitters that can broadcast your personal and business conversations to spies, government agents . . . even the next-door neighbors. Find out how these devices work, how effective they are, how to find them and deal with them and how to use this technology in your own self-defense if necessary. Includes scores of ideas and resources for protecting the privacy of landline, cellular and cordless telephones, as well as pagers, fax machines and computers, plus phone phreaking terms and tricks and, as one reviewer put it, true tales of the Biz that "will spook you . . . and a few that will make you laugh."
M.L. Shannon's lifelong interest in communications led him to work as a technician for a company that made surveillance and countermeasures gear as well as for a professional countermeasures company. He is well versed on privacy issues.
1) Species of Bugs
2) How Far Will it Transmit
3) Antennas in General
4) Electronics 105 OHM's Law
5) The Secret Lives of Batteries
6) Room Audio or Phone Line
7) Legal Applications for Transmitters
8) How to Install a Bug
9) Receivers
10) An Exercise in Surveillance
11) The Phone Book Revisited
12) Countermeasures
13) Frequently asked Questions
14) Some Classic Books
15) Glossary of Terms
16) Places to Get Things
17) Frequencies Used in Surveillance
18) A Physical Search Checklist