The Ultimate Streetfighter

Kelly S. Worden's Natural Spirit: The Way of Renegade Jeet Kune Do

with Datu Kelly S. Worden

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180 minutes

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Cut through the politics and hype and discover what Bruce Lee's jeet kune do was meant to be: a martial art attitude geared towards combining sound martial arts technique with street-proven tactics to develop one's own personal fighting ability. Its goal is to teach you the true dynamics of fighting so you can defend yourself reflexively, instinctively applying the fighting skills necessary to get the job done. Get Kelly S. Worden at his brutal best. For information purposes only.
Kelly S. Worden is the founder of Natural Spirit International and Renegade Jeet Kune Do and is one of the most innovative minds in the martial arts world today. You can learn more about his work and programs at his website.
1) Single Direct Attack
2) Attack by Draw
3) Attack by Immobilization
4) Progressive Indirect Attack
5) Attack Combination
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