The Art and Science Of Mook Jong: Slam Set Evolutions

Slam Set Evolutions

with Joseph Simonet

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230 minutes

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In 1999, master martial artist Joseph Simonet took the world by storm with his best-selling Mook Jong Slam Set video, teaching a style of dynamic wooden dummy training based on functional movement and explosive power, not martial arts dogma. The Art and Science of Mook Jong: Slam Set Evolutions builds on that foundation of technique, taking your fighting skills to the next level and beyond. New skills Simonet teaches in this video include a series of counter-grappling techniques designed to demolish a seasoned groundfighter; takedown defenses that will not only stun your opponent, but also set him up for a devastating throw; stand-up defenses against even the strongest punches and kicks; and an improved putar kepala throw guaranteed to both disorient and destroy an attacker. To be a true martial artist, a true warrior, you need to refine your fighting skills to the highest level: this evolution of the Slam Set form can put you on the path to combat excellence. For information purposes only.
Best-selling Paladin author Joseph Simonet is one of the most accomplished practitioners of Mook Jong Slam Set in the United States. He is a certified instructor in five different martial arts systems. With Addy Hernandez, he operates KI Fighting Concepts in Wenatchee, WA, and teaches seminars on various martial arts subjects around the country. Learn more about their work and programs at their website.
1) The Form
2) Section One
3) Section Two
4) The Putar Kepala
5) Section Three
6) Section Four
7) Section Five
8) Section Six
9) Section Seven
10) Section Eight
11) Section Nine
12) Section Ten
13) Section Eleven
14) Section Twelve
15) Section Thirteen
16) Section Fourteen
17) Section Fifteen
18) Groundfighting
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