Tactical Perfection For Street Cops

Survival Tactics for Field Contacts, Dangerous Calls, and Special Arrests

by Steve Albrecht

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256 pages

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The key to police officer survival is doing the right things, the right way, under extreme stress, every time. Tactical Perfection for Street Cops teaches cops the lifesaving value of perfect repetition during any field situation, stop, radio call or encounter. Police training expert Steve Albrecht shares the secrets of veteran cops who have mastered streetwise ways to handle the variety of situations they face every shift: ringing alarms, domestic violence calls, loud parties, pursued felons, and the drugged, the ganged-up, the violent and the mentally ill. Albrecht breaks down the work into four categories:

  • The Stops—Performing traffic stops, pedestrian field interviews, street gang contacts and pursuits in the patrol car and on foot.
  • The Calls—Handling calls for domestic violence, robbery, burglary, prowler alerts and the latest and most tragic: school and workplace violence.
  • Special Arrests—Dealing with hard-core professional crooks, transients, substance abusers and the mentally ill.
  • Tools of the Trade—Searching, handcuffing and transporting suspects, and using nonlethal and lethal force.

In police work, not focusing on the little details can be deadly. Learn from the "street and beat" knowledge of some of the most experienced police officers in the country and maximize your safety and success every time you hit the streets.
Steve Albrecht is an experienced author, seminar leader and consultant from San Diego. He worked for the San Diego Police Department from 1984 to 1999 as a full-time officer and later as a reserve sergeant and a part-time Domestic Violence Unit investigator. Currently he manages a training and consulting firm specializing in high-risk human-­resource and security issues.

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