Surviving Street Patrol

The Officer's Guide To Safe And Effective Policing

by Steve Albrecht; foreword by Dave Grossi

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278 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

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Veteran San Diego police officer Steve Albrecht advises fellow officers of proactive measures they can take on a routine basis to improve their odds of going home in one piece. Whatever the challenge at hand – be it handcuffing noncompliant suspects, preventing suspect escapes, surviving group attacks, fighting on the ground, dodging bullets, protecting homicide scenes or dealing with the media, Albrecht has time-tested advice for handling it safely and effectively. In addition, on topics such as managing meth freaks; responding to domestic violence calls; avoiding AIDS, TB and other killers during searches; attending to the elderly; investigating rapes; and more, he offers invaluable insight on balancing compassion and integrity with aggressive, professional policing.
Steve Albrecht is the managing director for Albrecht Training & Development. A retired San Diego police officer who served on the SDPD's Domestic Violence Unit, Albrecht now provides training and consulting on workplace violence prevention and threat management.
1) "A" Is for Aggressive: Avoiding In-the-Line-of-Duty Deaths
2) The APTRA Model: A Tactical Action Plan for Problem-Oriented Policing
3) Armed Robbers: Their Motives and Methods
4) The Art of Blending: Stop Dressing Like a Cop!
5) Blue Power! Police Fitness to Save Your Life and Career
6) Bullet Dynamics and the Myth of "Safe Cover"
7) To Chase or Not to Chase: The Rabbit Dilemma
8) Compassion for the Professional Victim
9) Contact & Cover Revisited: Remember Your Roles!
10) Cops and Security Guards: An Old but uneasy Alliance
11) Creative Handcuffing: Unusual Ways to Restrain Unusual People
12) Criminal Profiling: Past Behavior, Future Crimes
13) Deadly Distractions: Using Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) Safely
14) Domestic Violence Calls: The Safe and Effective Patrol Response
15) Every Day Is Mother's Day: Dealing with Meth Freaks and Tweakers
16) Fatal Contact: Avoiding AIDS, HIV, TB and Other Killers
17) Fighting for Your Own Tickets: Traffic Court Survival Strategies
18) Ground Fighting
19) Gut Check Time: Officer Safety for the 2000's
20) Handle with Care: Elderly Calls
21) Home from the War
22) How to Read a Crook Like a Book
23) Militias in our Midst: One Deputy's Story
24) Night Work: Darkness is Your Friend
25) Officer Safety Starts at Home
26) On Stage at the Guerrilla Theatre
27) Patrol Car Seat Belts: A Real Officer Safety Issue
28) Phantom Crimes: False Victimization Syndrome
29) Playing the Numbers Game: Social Security as ID
30) The Police – Crook Magnet
31) Police and "Customer Service": Citizens and the Moment of Truth
32) The Police Officer-Hostage: From Bad to Worse
33) The Police Response to Domestic Violence in the Workplace
34) Practicing with the Enemy: How Serious Crooks Operate
35) Rape Investigation in Patrol: "Don't be First be Right"
36) Responding to Workplace Violence Incidents: On the Suspect's Turf at Work

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