Striking Strategies


with Pat Miletich

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So you want to be a cage fighter? You want to learn what it takes to be successful in the cage or on the street? Then this video is for you. Champion cage fighter Pat Miletich - who had 29 professional MMA wins, a 25-0 Muay Thai record, and was unbeaten in pro boxing - shows you what it takes to train hard, train right, and strike right through your opponent. Being a great striker is more than just being able to throw punches and kicks. In this exclusive Paladin video, Pat takes you through controlling distance in a fight; practical, fight-proven feints and fakes; proper head movement; and the appropriate footwork, all of which combine to make you the complete fighter you strive to be. Pat has been there and done that, and his Miletich Fighting System takes what works, trims what doesn't, and presents you with a proven strategy that you can feel confident using in the ring. Learn the building blocks of dominating your opponent, the offensive and defensive techniques needed to be a champion, and the strategies that will get you there. When you can learn how to hit from Pat Miletich, why would you want to learn from anybody else? For information purposes only.
1) Footwork
- Jab Footwork
- 1,2 Footwork
- Lateral Footwork
- 1,2,3 Footwork
- Footwork for Knees
- Heavy Bag 1,2 Footwork
- Heavy Bag 1,2,3 Footwork Drill
2) Stances
3) Head Movement
- 45 Degree Angle Slip
- Ducking Underneath Punches
- Strike-Lean-Lean
4) Feints and Fakes
- Fake Jab Variations (7)
- Fake Cross Variations (6)
- Fake Kick to Combo
- Fake Lead Leg Round Kick to Combo
- Fake Lead Leg Front Kick to Combo
5) Deflections
- Parrying
- Attack with Parry when Opponent Attacks
- Rolling with Punches
- Rolling with Punches into Attacking when Opponent Attacks
6) Angles
- Step and Pivot
- Cupping the Elbow
- Jab Off Lead and Rear Side to Angle
- Angles Off Opponent's Jab
- Angles Off Opponent's Cross, Hook, and Overhand Right
- Advanced Angles
7) Attacking When Opponent Attacks
- Attacking Opponent's Jab, Cross, and Hook
- Attacking to the Lead Side
8) Setting Up Body Shots
- Setting Up Body Shots with Jab, Hook, Overhand Right, and Uppercuts
- Attacking When Opponent Protects Liver
9) Clinch Fighting
- Keeping Opponent Off Balance
- Elbows in the Clinch
- Wrist Control
- Elbows Off Opponent's Wrist Control
- Elbow Defending Drill
- Moving Opponent's Front Foot
- Underhook to Pop Knee
- Clinch Counters and Strikes
10) Fighting Strategies
- Different Fighting Styles
- Turning Your Opponent
- Exhausting Opponent's Shoulders
- Shutting Down Kicks and Attacks
- Defending Round Kicks
- Defending Front Kicks
- Defending Rear Leg Front Kicks
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