Street Krav Maga

Combat Essentials for Real-World Self-Defense

with Branimir Tudjan

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280 minutes

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The prevalence of Krav Maga programs taught by frauds wearing BDUs has made it very difficult for the average person to find authentic training in this brutal art used by Israeli Defense Forces personnel. Military veteran and former law enforcement officer Branimir Tudjan tears away the commercialization and hype to reveal the true Krav Maga: a self-defense program designed to save lives in dangerous situations. Focusing exclusively on street-oriented techniques, Tudjan not only demonstrates the physical aspects of defending yourself, but also teaches you how to be aware of, avoid, and de-escalate potential violent encounters. From the fundamentals of close-range striking to defenses against the most common street attacks, from groundfighting to full-contact fighting drills, this comprehensive combat system will give you the tactical advantage against any thug you're likely to bump into on the street. For information purposes only.

"I really believe in you Branimir, your work and in your integrity. Stay with it."

——Geoff Thompson
Branimir Tudjan was a police officer in The Netherlands for over 13 years and has visited many police departments through the world (NYPD, ESPD, Israeli National Police, French GIGN etc). Branimir has been teaching Krav Maga, PATS (psychology, attributes, tactics and skill) and his MOSS system to the members of law enforcement, military, security and civilians in The Netherlands and abroad. Branimir's MOSS system is greatly inspired by Rob Redenbach PATS system, Krav Maga and his real life violent street encounters. He can be contacted through his website:
1) Combat Fitness Drills
- Shoulder and Hip Sparring
- Holding Down Drill
- Lifting Up Drill
- Sfiga (Absorption) Drill
- Flat on the Stomach Drill
2) Stance
3) Fundamental Strikes
- Jab and Cross
- Hook
- Uppercut
- Elbow Strikes
- Headbutt
- Pad Work
- Punching Drills
4) Fundamental Kicks
- Groin Kick
- Low Kick
- Knee Kick
5) Kravot (Combatives) Drills
6) Haganah Atzmit: Choke Defenses
7) Haganah Atzmit: Bear Hug Defenses
8) Haganah Atzmit: Other Defenses
9) Ground Defenses
- Kicking While on the Ground
- Defense Against a Kick to the Head
- Front Choke Releases
- Ground Side Choke Release
- Arms Pinned on the Ground Release
- Guillotine Choke on the Ground Release
10) Ground Offenses
- Maintaining the Mount
- Clearing Your Opponent's Guard
- Arm Bar
- Figure-4 Lock
- Side Position Basics
- Rear Naked Choke
- Mount Combination Drill
- Arm Release Drill
- Ground Sparring
11) Defenses Against Punches and Kicks
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