Street Chin Na

Joint Locking and Bone Breaking Techniques for the Street

with Willie "The Bam" Johnson

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130 minutes

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Award-winning martial artist and self-defense expert Willie "The Bam" Johnson takes traditional Chin Na Kung Fu and expands it in Street Chin Na far beyond its original scope, making it a true combat art suitable for real-world self-defense application.

The street predator is more skilled than he used to be, and with this brutal video production from Paladin Press, you'll learn how to take him apart joint by joint. Johnson starts off with the Chin Na warm-up: several grueling, heart-pumping exercises designed to increase grip strength, condition your limbs to withstand incredible punishment and build overall toughness. From there, he shows you how to exploit the weak parts of the human body, not through the arcane art of pressure points and acupuncture, but using body mechanics and joint manipulation; teaches you high-level sparring drills to prepare you for that one moment where you'll have to fight to save your life; instructs you in principles of motion that will teach you how to deal with any grab or strike your opponent might throw; and much more.

This package includes the Chin Na/Street Combat Fusion program, a bonus DVD combining his Street Chin Na and Street Combat fighting programs into a fighting system that combines street attitude and devastating technique. For information purposes only.
Seven-time world champion Willie "The Bam" Johnson has earned a fifth-degree black belt in karate and a seventh-degree black belt in kung fu. Proclaimed by Black Belt magazine as the kung fu Instructor of the Year 2000, he has appeared in numerous movies and television programs and is the founder and spokesman for the Stronger Than Drugs Foundation.
1) Chin Na Warm-Up
2) Pressure Points
3) Hand Techniques
4) Chin Na Set
5) Defensive Techniques
6) Chin Na Takedowns
7) Jailhouse Workout
8) Defenses Against Common Attacks
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