Street Krav Maga II

Volume 1: Gun Threat Survival Tactics

with Branimir Tudjan

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190 minutes

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Surviving a gun threat is serious business, requiring determination and decisive action. Building on the success of his original Street Krav Maga DVD, military veteran and former law enforcement officer Branimir Tudjan is back with a comprehensive and instructive approach to this deadly self-defense situation.

In Volume I of the new Street Krav Maga II series, Tudjan combines the powerful street fighting concepts he learned from the Israeli combat art of Krav Maga and his vast experience in real-life combat situations to create a unique, no-nonsense street survival regimen designed to incapacitate an assailant armed with a firearm. Gun Threat Survival Tactics teaches you how to defend yourself against armed threats, from handguns to assault rifles to hand grenades . . . even a suicide bomber.

When the first rule of violence avoidance and de-escalation breaks down and your last resort is to fight, will you be prepared to do what it takes to strike right through your attacker and survive? For information purposes only.
Branimir Tudjan was a police officer in The Netherlands for over 13 years and has visited many police departments through the world (NYPD, ESPD, Israeli National Police, French GIGN etc). Branimir has been teaching Krav Maga, PATS (psychology, attributes, tactics and skill) and his MOSS system to the members of law enforcement, military, security and civilians in The Netherlands and abroad. Branimir's MOSS system is greatly inspired by Rob Redenbach PATS system, Krav Maga and his real life violent street encounters. He can be contacted through his website:
1) Defenses Against Handguns
- Dealing with Handgun Attacks
- Safety in Training
- Preventing Gun From Entering Fight
- Basic Defenses Against Guns
- Front Disarm: Mid-Level
- Wrist Control
- Tap - Rack - Assess
- Instinctive Defenses
- Live Side / Dead Side
- Front Disarm: High Level
- Front Disarm: Low Level
- Front Disarm: Cupping Defense
- Side Disarms
- Rear Disarm: Mid-Level
- Rear Disarm: Left Hand
- Rear Disarm: Hands Up
- Rear Disarm: High Level
- Gun Disarm Against Wall
- Up Close and Personal Disarm
- Hostage Hold Disarms
- Hostage Survival Strategies
- Active Shooter Situation
- Israeli Snatch Technique
- One-Man Shooter Takedown
- Combative Pad Drills
- Sensitivity Drill
2) Handgun Strikes
3) Gun Retention Techniques
- Defense Against Barrel Grab
- Defense Against Wrist Grab
- Defense Against Two Handed Grab
- Defense Against Clothing Grab
- Defense Against Bear Hug
- Holster Retention
4) Defenses Against Assault Rifles
- Front Disarm
- Rear Disarm
- Rear Disarm: Hands Up
- Rifle Strikes
- Defense Against Ice Pick Attack
- Defense Against Oriental Attack
5) Hand Grenades and Suicide Bombers
- Defensive Prone Position
- Hand Grenade Disarm
- Spotting a Suicide Bomber
- Dead Man's Switch
- Press Switch
- Classical Shin Bet Technique
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