Spook School: Secret Spaces


with James Coats and Dan Hamann

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83 minutes

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Law enforcement consultant and illusion designer James Coats is joined by commercial and residential contractor and designer Dan Hamann in Spook School: Secret Spaces. Together James and Dan bring you the first of its kind step-by-step instructional DVD that will show you how to create unique secret and hidden spaces in your home and vehicle. Spook School: Secret Spaces doesn't focus on the ordinary secret hidden locations that have been common knowledge for more than 50 years. Instead it focuses on new cutting-edge, yet simple construction techniques that have been combined with closely guarded illusionary secrets to bring you new and impressive ways to hide weapons, supplies, cash, and valuables.

On this DVD you will learn how to:
  • Hide items in plain sight without any special containers
  • Convert ordinary furniture into secret storage for weapons and supplies
  • Walk through your home and find locations for secret spaces
  • Use illusion technology to hide items such as handguns and rifles
  • Find realistic secret spaces in your vehicle
  • Construct a secret space in your home or office in a matter of hours
And much more!
1) Outdoor Hide
2) Dive Couch
3) Dresser Hide
4) Plain Sight
5) Door Hide
6) Outlet Hide
7) Bench Hide
8) Mobile Home Stairs
9) Mirror Box
10) Vehicle Hides
11) Existing Hides
12) Evaluation
13) Secret Room
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