Laying the Groundwork for a Career as a Sniper

by John C. Simpson


124 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
photos, illust.

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For more than three decades, John Simpson has been teaching sniping to military and police civilian shooters. As a staff instructor for Snipercraft and the Director of Precision Rifle Programs for Richland Group's James River Training System, as well as a former adjunct instructor for sniping at both the Smith & Wesson and SigArms academies, Simpson observed over and over that many of the shooters who show up for sniping school lack the marksmanship fundamentals that are essential for success as a professional sniper.

Simpson wrote Snipercraft for shooters who want to solidify their marksmanship fundamentals in preparation for attending sniper school or a sniping course. In plain, nontechnical language, it lays the foundation for making a hit every time with your rifle on a four-inch-diameter cranial target when the target is not cooperating with you.

It's impossible to learn how to shoot well by simply reading a book, but you can definitely learn to make precision rifle shots with the help of what's in this book. Its target audience is tactical shooters—not target shooters—who are preparing to take their rifle marksmanship to a new level.
John Simpson taught his first military sniper school course in 1985 and his first law enforcement sniper class in 1986. He spent five years teaching sniping to Special Forces troops at the Special Warfare Center at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, and three years in a high-risk unit in Germany as a team sniper and ultimately as the company master sniper, and two years as chief instructor at the 10th Special Forces Group Sniper Committee at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. While at Fort Devens, Simpson trained police snipers in New York and Ohio as part of Project Northstar.
1) Marksmanship Fundamentals
2) Positions
3) The Minute of Angle
4) Reading Your Scope Knobs
5) Live-Fire Practice
6) Rifle Maintenance
7) Ballistics
8) Recommended Reading