Snap, No Tap! Catch Wrestling for Streetfighting and Self-Defense

Volume Five: Standing Submissions

with Tony Cecchine

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140 minutes

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Arguably the most brutal mixed martial art practiced today, catch wrestling's devastating arsenal of strikes, takedowns, throws, flesh-tearing rips, and bone-shattering hooks has been copied by many, but mastered by only a few. In this extraordinary video series from Paladin Press, expert catch wrestler Tony Cecchine teaches you catch's most street-worthy techniques, combining hard-core grappling with brutal striking to provide you with a turnkey self-defense system that will make you unbeatable on the street.

In Volume Five: Standing Submissions, Cecchine focuses on the subject of standing grappling, when you can't afford to take your opponent to the ground. In addition to the crippling double wrist lock, shown for the first time on video in its most effective form, Cecchine teaches the figure-4 front choke and front face lock, the rear naked choke that will have your attacker unconscious in mere seconds, the brutal side head lock and the true full nelson. Going to the ground should be a last resort: stay on your feet and stay alive. For information purposes only.
Tony Cecchine has been involved with American Catch as Catch Can Wrestling since 1977 and has been recognized as its leading exponent by the World Head of Family Sokeship Council, an organization that votes on the premier martial artists from various styles (members include such luminaries as Wally Jay, Helio Gracie, and Ernesto Presas). The late, great Lou Thesz, considered by many as the greatest catch wrestler of all-time, dubbed Cecchine a "hooker," recognizing Tony's submission and wrestling skills as the highest a catch wrestler could achieve. Tony understands both the intricacies of hooking and its place in an overall integrated fighting system built on wrestling and boxing fundamentals.

Tony's instructional videos have received rave reviews and have been used to train professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters and other professional athletes, as well as regular Joes. As one online reviewer said of Tony and his art, "His philosophy is simple . . . submission, submission, submission."

Tony can be contacted through his website.
1) Double Wrist Lock
- Entries
- Counters
2) The Figure-4 Front Choke and Front Face Lock
- Figure-4 Front Choke
- Front Face Lock
- Counters
3) Rear Naked Choke & Counters
4) Full Nelson
- Variations
- Counters
5) Side Head Lock & Counters
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