Secrets of Pankration

with Jim Arvanitis

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350 minutes

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In this three-volume set, Jim Arvanitis, the father of Modern Pankration, teaches you pankration's brutal stand-up fighting skills, then moves to its punishing locks and ground skills, and finally shows you how to combine them into a formidable mixed martial art.

  • Volume 1 takes you through pankration's devastating ano, or standing, arsenal of punches, kicks, elbow strikes, shoots and takedowns, clinching techniques and a series of throws and sweeps sure to knock the fight out of your opponent.
  • Volume 2 introduces you to the kato, or groundfighting skills of Modern Pankration, including pins, holds, chokes, submission locks and defenses against a mounted striker.
  • Volume 3 puts it all together, teaching you how to counter throws and holds, gain top position from the bottom, maintain top control and execute compound attacks that will have your opponent submitting in no time.

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Jim Arvanitis is internationally renowned as the father of modern pankration. He has made it his life's work to rebuild the ancient Greek combat sport into a modern cross-training martial arts system. Grandmaster Arvanitis has been featured in all the top martial arts magazines, including Inside Kung-Fu, Official Karate and Black Belt.
1) Positioning and Mobility
- Stance
- Hand Positions
- Footwork
2) Basic Striking Tools
- Punching
- Elbowing
- Kicking
3) Striking Defenses
- Parries
- Blocks and Covers
- Evasions
4) Equipment Training
- Focus Gloves
- Impact Pads
5) Transitioning
- The Shoot
- Takedowns
6) Fighting From Standing Clinch
- Basic Grips
- Basic Clinches
- Strikes from the Clinch
- Submissions
- Throws and Sweeps
- Breaking a Clinch
7) Strategic Ground Positions
- Top Control
- Bottom Positions
8) Ground and Pound from Top Control
- Chest Pin
- Side Pin
- Back Pin
9) Defending Against a Mounted Striker
- Common Mistakes
- Rolling Over onto Stomach
- Leg Blocks
10) Submission Holds
- From the Chest Pin
- From the Back Pin
- From the Side Pin
11) Attacks from the Bottom Position
- Strikes
- Chokes and Cranks
- Joint Locks
- Sweeps
12) Ano (Upright) Tactics
- Defensive Hits
- Set-Ups
- Countering
13) Countering Holds and Throws
14) Reversals and Escapes
- Ground Position Reversals
- Escape to Submissions
15) Follow-Up Submissions to Takedowns and Throws
16) Compound Attacks
17) Other Kato Tactics
- Maintaining Top Control
- Ankle Lock
- Using Legs to Trap Blocking Arm
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