Tactical Communications Manual for SWAT Operations

by Tony Jones


PDF eBook
134 pages
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In today's high-tech world, technology often breeds an overreliance on a specific system, as is the case when SWAT teams depend too heavily on radio communications. Radios can and often do fail as a result of equipment breakdown, weak batteries, "dead spots", power limitations, poor radio operating procedures, lack of training, or adversary exploitation. The resulting loss on communication will most always cause a loss of control, but how much that compromises the operation depends on the SWAT team's proficiency in using alternative methods.

In this book, Tony L. Jones, a tactical/security consultant with years of experience in SWAT team leadership and training, presents a wide variety of communication methods that SWAT teams can utilize during a tactical operation. Following an in-depth discussion of radio operating procedure and equipment, Jones offers detailed instruction in the effective use of hand and arm signals, telephones, pyrotechnics, light signals, messengers, and more. In addition, he examines the advantages and drawbacks of each method, as well as how its strength can be exploited and its inherent weaknesses avoided.

SWAT operations are hazardous enough without conceding a measure of lost control due to a breakdown in communications. By training in the methods outlined in this manual, SWAT organizations can ensure the kind of clear, secure, and accurate communications that will enable them to operate effectively in teams and are critical to any mission's success.
1) Radio Communications
2) Hand and Arm Signals
3) Alternate Communication Methods
4) Equipment Sources

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