Rifle Marksmanship

a U.S. Marine Corps Manual


118 pages, 8.5" x 11"
photos, illust.

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During U.S. military operations, the Marine rifleman is among the first to confront the enemy and the last to hang his weapon on the rack after the conflict is won. That is why U.S. Marines have the reputation as the finest combat riflemen in the world. Now, you can learn their secrets. This manual is the very latest Marine doctrine on the art and science of shooting effectively in battle. Its 10 chapters teach the versatility, flexibility and skills needed to deal with a situation at any level of intensity across the entire range of military operations. Topics covered include the proper combat mind-set; cleaning your rifle under all weather conditions; rifle handling and marksmanship the Marine way; engaging targets from behind cover; obtaining a battlefield zero; engaging immediate threat, multiple and moving targets; shooting at night and at unknown distances; and much more.