Rescuing Providence

by Lt. Michael Morse


164 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

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In Rescuing Providence, Lieutenant Michael Morse of the Providence, Rhode Island, Fire Department takes you along for 34 nonstop hours in the life of a big-city fireman/emergency medical technician. Ride through the tough streets of South Providence, the historic mansions on the East Side and the tattered but emerging West End as Morse and his EMS team respond to drug overdoses, heart attacks, car accidents, gunshot wounds, suicides, alcoholics, premature births, broken bones and other medical emergencies that are all in a day's work for them.

The brave men and women who make up our nation's EMS system willingly risk their lives every day to save people they don't know and often cannot communicate with. See for yourself how difficult, frustrating and at times heartbreaking this job can be, as lives are lost, scarce medical resources squandered, futures altered, and hope abandoned and then reborn. Despite this, most rescue workers cannot imagine doing anything else. For them, every day is different, every patient is unique and they know with certainty that they make a difference in people's lives. And, as Lieutenant Morse so eloquently states, sometimes it is the rescuers whose lives are saved by the job they do.

This touching, humorous, life-affirming memoir offers intriguing insight into the human condition and the best and worst of our 911 and health-care systems.
Michael Morse is a firefighter in Providence, Rhode Island. He has worked on engine, ladder and rescue companies during his 16-year career. His current assignment is Lieutenant, Rescue 1.