Reflex Action

Training Drills to Fighting Skills

with Bob Orlando

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160 minutes

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Real martial artists know that you will fight the way you train, so you must train the way you want to fight. And the best way to fight well is with functional, conditioned reflexes. In this two-disc video production, long-time kuntao-silat and Chinese kenpo practitioner Bob Orlando teaches how to use partner and solo training drills to develop real fighting skills. In his methodical, no-nonsense style, Orlando gives you nothing but the good stuff – simple, practical flow drills that are specifically designed to program true combative skills into your muscle memory. Orlando begins with simple "atomic" partner drills that teach critical defensive skills and the basics of combat movement. He then builds on this foundation, combining the elements into more complex and dynamic molecular drills. Focusing only on what works, these drills efficiently combine upper-art; hands, elbows and forearms, and lower-art; knees and feet techniques into a total skill set that will develop your fighting abilities and reflexes faster than any other training method available. For information purposes only.
Bob Orlando's Je du-too School of Martial Arts is a place where elements of Chinese kuntao, Dutch-Indonesian pukulan pentjak silat, Chinese kenpo, kung-fu, along with Filipino martial arts are combined into a highly effective fighting system. He is also the author of the best-selling books Indonesian Fighting Fundamentals and Martial Arts America, and is featured in the videos The Fighting Forms of Kuntao-Silat and Fighting Arts of Indonesia. For more information on his unique approach to the martial arts, consult his website..
1) From Five Swords to Kilap Hands #9
2) Kilap Hands #1
- Block-Left
- Block-Right
- The Switch
3) Kilap Hands #2
- Block-Right (Ribs)
- Block-Left (Ribs)
- The Switch and Adding an Elbow
4) Kilap #3
5) The Rolling Elbows Drill
6) Capturing the Limb
7) Kilap Hands #8
- Strike-Left
- Strike-Right
- The Switch and Adding Footwork
8) Kilap Hands #1 and Kilap Hands #3 Revisited
9) Kilap Hands #9 Revisited
- Block-Left
- Block-Right
- Block-Right with Applications of Block-Left
10) Kilap Hands #10
11) Kuntao-Silat 5-Count
12) Kuntao-Silat 7-Count
13) Kuntao-Silat 3-Count and Kuntao Silat 1-Count
- Silat 1-Count
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