Ragnar's Action Encyclopedia

Volume 2, Revised Edition

by Ragnar Benson


248 pages, 8.5" x 11"

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Many of the people who bought volume one of Ragnar's Action Encyclopedia contacted Ragnar to tell him they loved having all that vital information together in one book, but could he please include information in the next volume on choosing the right weapon, assembling a sniper rifle, taking out tanks and APCs, avoiding police entrapment, doing your own medicine, fighting back at the politicians and IRS . . . The result is Volume Two, with more than 40 all-new chapters on topics that could be critical to you in the uncertain future world confronting terrorism.
Ragnar Benson is America's most-esteemed survival expert. He has written more than 20 books for Paladin throughout the years on a variety of topics covering everything from weapons to politics to survival medicine.
1) 9mm vs .45 ACP
2) Uzi, Ingram, and Intratec
3) Assembling a Sniper Rifle
4) Between a Rock and a Stoner
5) Tactical Ambush
6) Taking Out Tanks
7) APC's and the Defender
8) Citizen's Guide to Taking Out Choppers
9) Electronic Warfare
10) Urban Military Action
11) Camouflage
12) How We Got the Claymore Mine
13) Secret Freedom Fighter
14) Riot Control
15) Organizing a SWAT Team
16) Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, and the American Revolution
17) Investigative Photography
18) What to Do When the Police Come
19) Thai Boxing
20) Using Modern Technology to Produce any Document
21) Legally Dying
22) Fighting Government
23) Armed – Citizen Solution to Street Crime
24) The Unorganized Militia
25) Uncovering Politicians' Hidden Secrets
26) Political Dirty Tricks
27) Where the IRS Looks for Your Money
28) 1099: The Ultimate Hit
29) Samurai – Influenced Japanese Business Practices
30) Finding Other People's Money
31) Used Cars
32) How to be a Race Car Driver
33) Living on Next to Nothing
34) Dumpster Diving
35) Harvard System of Deer Hunting
36) Staying Alive While Traveling in the Third World
37) Survival Refrigeration
38) Defeating the Medical Monopoly
39) Pain Management