Ragnar's Action Encyclopedia of Practical Knowledge and Proven Techniques

Volume 1, Revised Edition

by Ragnar Benson

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344 pages, 8.5" x 11"

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This reference book may be the most valuable weapon you have in your survival arsenal. Included among its 60 chapters are precise instructions, diagrams and photographs showing you how to build, choose, store and use weapons; select, build, stock and defend a retreat; change your ID and drop out of sight completely — or find someone who has; defend your family and property; trap deer, fish, fowl or anything that moves; provide medical care at a fraction of the cost; avoid costly mistakes when standing up to big government and nosy do-gooders; use dozens of other proven techniques to take control of your life and live better than ever!
Ragnar Benson is America's most-esteemed survival expert. He has written more than 20 books for Paladin throughout the years on a variety of topics covering everything from weapons to politics to survival medicine.
1) Improvised Firearms
2) Silencers
3) Assault Shotguns
4) Submachine Guns
5) Switchblade Knives
6) Bulletproof Vests
7) Night Vision Devices
8) Ar-15 Models and Development
9) Personalizing the AR-15
10) AK-47s
11) SKS Carbines
12) The AR-15 Pistol
13) The Mini-14
14) AR-7: Half Pistol, Half Rifle
15) The Mighty Spud Gun
16) A Great .22 Handgun
17) The Grendel P-30
18) The .22 Rifle
19) Crossbows
20) Blowguns
21) Surreptitious weapons
22) The Future Infantry Weapon
23) Combat Shotguns
24) Shotgun Deployment in Combat
25) Combat Handguns
26) Knife Fighting
27) Balisong Knives
28) Mantrapping
29) Hostage Negotiations
30) Electronic Perimeter Defense
31) Tap and Bugs
32) Lock Picking
33) Interrogation
34) Lie Detectors
35) Drunk-Driving Charges
36) Caching
37) Snipers
38) Disguises
39) TV Scramblers
40) Clandestine Radios
41) Medical Care
42) Auto Pursuit & Evasion
43) Rader Detectors and Jammers
44) Hiding
45) Skip Tracing
46) New ID
47) Bar Fighting
48) Hostage Rescue Units
49) Action Careers
50) Stuntman
51) Bounty Hunter
52) Martial Arts
53) Credit Bureaus
54) Trapping
55) Survival Skills
56) Defending Your Retreat
57) Eating Cheap
58) Homemade Booze
59) Survival Poaching
60) Revenge

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