Qinna against the Knife

Unarmed Grappling Combatives Against Knife Attacks

with Michael Benjamin

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160 minutes

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Qinna (or Chin Na) is the Chinese martial art of seizing and controlling an opponent's joints, muscles, ligaments, or tendons, thus neutralizing his ability to fight.

Applied against an attacker armed with a knife, Qinna is a ferocious and efficient way for both the soldier on the battlefield and a fighter on the street to prevail when unarmed. Today there is a great misconception fueled by MMA over what constitutes true combatives grappling, such as Qinna. Unlike the sport arena governed by rules, Qinna savagely applies devastating forms of progressive anatomy destruction from a standing position, not the ground. In so doing, Michael Benjamin shows how Qinna far surpasses the effectiveness of sport grappling and is thus ideally suited for combat situations where sheer survival, and not money, trophies, or fame, is the desired outcome.

In Qinna against the Knife, Benjamin, a 30-year practitioner of the martial arts, expands on the lessons from his first video, Qinna with the Knife , by showing how to triumph in a knife encounter when unarmed. From wristlocks to elbow destruction, from vertical takedowns to horizontal throws, from lock-flow to the strategic use of the environment, this video teaches reliably brutal methods of defeating a bladed foe when you are disadvantaged by being empty-handed.
A 30-year practitioner of the martial arts, Sifu Michael Benjamin holds master-level black belts in Kang-Nei Chin Chung-Kuo Ch'uan Kung-Fu and Shorei Goju Kempo Karate. He is also one of only a handful of people in the world awarded a black belt in Juko-Ryu Jodo Kobudo, and is the only certified full instructor in Illinois of Datu Kelly S. Worden's Natural Spirit International. He has been privileged to train under some of the most distinguished martial artists in the world, including former Professional Karate Association's heavyweight kickboxing champion "Bad" Brad Hefton, Soke Rodney Sacharnoski, Sigung Mike Knipprath, the late great Grandmaster Remy Presas, and Datu Kelly S. Worden.

Sifu Benjamin is a prolific author in various mediums. His articles have been published in such legendary magazines as Inside Kung-Fu, Black Belt, and Blade, and on such renowned websites as Master at Arms James A. Keating's Maajakworld and Alex Jones' Infowars. Benjamin's treatise, "Core Principles of the Worden Defense System," is the opening essay in Datu Worden's hand-to-hand combat manual for the 1st Special Forces Group of Fort Lewis, Washington.

Benjamin's martial skills and knowledge have been put to the test and pragmatically honed over the years working in such fields as barroom bouncing, street outreach, and crisis intervention. He resides in Rockford, Illinois, where he runs a private kwoon/dojo. For more information, visit his website .
1) Foundational Concepts
2) Arm Techniques
- Front Wristlock
- Outer Wristlock
- Reverse Wristlock
- Inverted Wristlock
- Inverted Bent-Limb Wristlock
- Rising-Center Lock
- Inner-Thumb Lock
- Top-Elbow Bar
- Over-the-Shoulder Top Elbow
- Side-Arm Twisting Head Throw
- Chicken Wing
- Outer-Shoulder Rip
- Arm Entanglement
- Rotary Hammerlock to Chicken Wing
- Rear Rotary Throw
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