Practical Hand-to-Hand Combat for the Police Officer

with C.J. Caracci

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104 minutes

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A cop will put his hands on criminals far more often than he will draw his weapon, so he must know the practical, straightforward grappling, overpowering and arresting techniques in this video to get the job done effectively. With Practical Hand-to-Hand Combat for the Police Officer, get clear instruction in upsetting a perpetrator's center of gravity; knee, elbow, hand and head strikes; wrist holds and locks that really work; easy-to-hit vulnerable spots that will get your subject's attention; handcuffing tricks; advanced skills like "breaking the criminal's mind" to get control over him and much more.
1) Angles
2) Center of Gravity
3) Elbow & Knee Strikes
4) Open Handed Strike
5) Wrist Holds
6) Wrist Locks
7) Wrist Lock Countermeasures
8) Head Butts & Pressure Points
9) Kneeling Position Handcuffing
10) Prone Position Handcuffing
11) Two Officer Handcuffing
12) Weapon Retentions
13) Counters
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