Power Breaking

How to Develop and Use Breaking Skills for Self-Defense

by Mike Reeves and Robert G Yetman


112 pages, 8.5" x 11"

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Breaking is potentially the most lethal street application of the martial arts. In this book, Sensei Mike Reeves – a seventh dan black belt in Isshinryu karate who possesses multiple world titles and records in breaking – teaches you how to become both a practitioner and a practical applicator of this powerful art.

As someone who has professional experience as a corporate bodyguard and an instructor to SWAT and other law enforcement professionals, Reeves knows that the ability to actually perform breaking strikes and kicks gives you a tremendous advantage when responding to a real-world attack. By training to make your hands and feet your explosive natural weapons, you become every bit as dangerous to an attacker as if you were armed with a knife or gun.

You'll never be unarmed again when you add power breaking to your arsenal of personal-defense weapons.
Sensei Mike Reeves is a nine-time International Sport Karate Association World Karate Champion, as well as a four-time Guinness-certified world record holder in breaking. He has worked as a professional bodyguard as well as a martial arts instructor to key members of both local and federal law enforcement agency SWAT teams and other special operations units. Visit Mike at his web site.

Professional freelance writer Robert G. Yetman Jr. is co-owner and vice president of Lone Wolf Personal Defense Systems, Inc. He lives in Orlando, Florida, with his son, Brandon.
1) "Every Arm Must Be a Spear and Every Open Hand a Sword"
2) General Physical Conditioning
3) Identifying Your Natural Weapons
4) Identifying Premium Target Areas
5) Physical Conditioning for Breaking
6) The Mental Component of Championship Breaking
7) Essential Upper-Extremity Breaking Strikes
8) Essential Lower-Extremity Breaking Strikes
9) Applying Your Breaking Skill to the Street
10) Proper Mindset and deportment for Street Survival