• Description

Paladin's On Demand platform is serviced by an independent contractor, Platform Purple, and we have been assured that the current video database will remain available for online streaming for the foreseeable future. This means that you can go to Paladin Library, sign in with your current account, and watch the videos by streaming over the Internet connection. Further purchases will not be available, as the platform will be frozen as is, due to copyright requirements.

Along with streaming, you can download any of your purchases through the Purple Player apps. When you download a product through one of the apps, it downloads to your local hard drive or mobile storage, and you will enjoy perfect playback, even if your internet connection is slow or intermittent, or even if you are completely offline. The links to download the free apps are at the top of your library page. Just click on the icon of the device for which you want to get an app. These apps are available for the following:
  • Windows laptop and desktop computers
  • Macintosh laptop and desktop computers
  • iOS mobile devices like iPads, iPhones and iPods
  • Android tablets and smartphones

We strongly recommend that you download your videos to your local computer and make a copy of your local library by saving all files to a separate hard drive, just to be on the safe side. All these videos are encrypted with a proprietary codec that will allow playing the media files only with the apps developed by Platform Purple.

The download locations for Paladin's video files are:
- Windows PC (computer, laptop, or Windows 10 tablet) – System drive – Users-YOUR_USER_NAME-AppData-Roaming-LeapingBrain-catalog
- Mac OS (computer and laptop) – System drive – Users-YOUR_USER_NAME-Library-Application Support-LeapingBrain-catalog
- Android devices – storage-emulated-0-PurplePlayer-downloads

Each video product has its own subfolder in the above mentioned locations. If at any point you'll not be able to download the files from the on demand servers, you can copy the backup files to the player's default location.

Thank you for your support throughout the years and for trusting Paladin Press as your provider for quality content from The Professional Action Library. We know that the authors invested a lot of their time and expertise into making these videos, and we hope that they will choose to continue to make them available after Paladin closes.

For customer support after January 1, 2018, contact Platform Purple.