Opening Combination Padlocks

No Tools, No Problem

by Carl Black

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64 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
27 illustrations

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It is incredibly easy to forget the combination to padlocks on your own tool shed, gym locker or anyplace else these common locks are found. This handy guide teaches one thing: how to open a padlock whose combination is lost. Dissatisfied with books that showed methods that didn't allow entry into all locks or made it difficult to always accurately find the first or third number, usually the main basis for their technique, author Carl Black devised a foolproof system that allows quick entry into all combination padlocks in minutes without any guesswork or tools. He explains how it works with clear instructions and illustrations and gives problem-solving tips for difficult locks. For information purposes only.
Carl Black is a security officer and served in the U.S. Army for three years. After a lifelong fascination with locks and lock manipulation, he decided to pass on the sure-fire techniques he has developed.
1) Examining the Lock
2) Lock Principles
3) The Manipulation Technique
4) Twelve-Gate Locks
5) One-Gate Locks
6) Ten-Gate Locks
7) One-and Twelve-Gate Locks
8) Troubleshooting Techniques

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