More of the Deadliest Men Who Ever Lived

by Paul Kirchner


466 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

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Following up Paladin's 2001 best-seller The Deadliest Men, More of the Deadliest Men Who Ever Lived profiles more than three dozen of history's greatest individual warriors, including King David, John Wesley Hardin, George S. Patton, Richard the Lionheart, and Manfred von Richthofen, as well as such lesser-known figures as:
  • Cassius Marcellus Clay, the abolitionist who was feared for his skill with the bowie knife
  • Joe Harrison, the San Francisco cab-driver who would pick up any fare, any time, relying on his .41 magnum to keep him alive
  • Kitty Hesselberger and Dorothy Raynes-­Simson, who fought off a determined Mau Mau attack at their isolated Kenyan ranch
  • Frank Reynolds, the Chicago police officer who killed more than a dozen men in the line of duty and was said to be the only lawman John Dillinger feared
  • R.J. Thomas, the Navy SEAL who single-handedly held off a North Vietnamese assault armed only with a .45 automatic
  • Adelbert F. Waldron III, the Vietnam-war sniper who racked up the highest kill count on record, but whose story has remained untold until now
Each of the warriors herein dominated a violent environment and triumphed against overwhelming odds. They fought for blood, not sport, with the weapons of individual combat: fist, knife, sword, bow, pistol, rifle and machine gun. Most of them fought for something beyond survival – a cause, a code, a creed or a country – while others fought solely in defense of their lives, a worthy enough purpose in itself.

Drawn from books, newspapers, and personal interviews, these action-packed accounts provide an insight into the skills, tactics, and mindset of the greatest fighting men and women the world has ever known.

This book is a collection of profiles of superlative warriors of such strength, skill, courage and ferocity that they could – and often did – turn the tide of battle.
Paul Kirchner has been a writer and illustrator for more than 25 years. His work has appeared in publications ranging from Marvel Comics to The Wall Street Journal to Paladin author Jeff Cooper's books.

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1) Hank Adams
2) Chevalier Bayard
3) Tsukahara bokuden
4) "Mad Jack" Churchill
5) Cassius Marcellus Clay
6) Jeff Cooper
7) David
8) Jonathan R. Davis
9) Kenelm Digby
10) Herman H. Hanneken
11) John Wesley Hardin
12) Joseph Harrison
13) Kitty Hesselberger and Dorothy Raynes-Simson
14) Ito Ittosai Kagehisa and Ono Tadaaki
15) Lozen
16) Chuck Mawhinney
17) "Paddy" Blair Mayne
18) Lewis L. Millett
19) Jeff Milton
20) Moros
21) Rich Owen
22) Frank Pape
23) George S. Patton
24) John Purcell
25) Frank J. Reynolds
26) Richard the Lion-Heart
27) Manfred von Richthofen and Rene Fonck
28) Saburo Sakai
29) Robert "R.J." Thomas
30) Tunnel Rats
31) Adelbert F. Waldron III
32) Samuel Woodfill
33) Vassili Zaitsev