Methods of Disguise - PDF eBook

Revised and Expanded

by John Sample


258 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

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John Sample's Methods of Disguise is an easy-to-follow guide which includes over 130 detailed illustrations, as well as sources for makeup, uniforms, shoe lifts, badges and ID cards, contact lenses, prostheses, skin-tanning preparations, fake tattoos, transvestite supplies, voice-changing devices, wigs and hairpieces, and much more. Whether you are an actor, an undercover cop, a gambler, an armed robber, a fugitive, a con man, a practical joker or a host for a costume party, this former Loompanics book will show you how to change yourself so completely that even old friends won't recognize you!
1) How People Identify Other People
2) How Much is Enough?
3) A Basic Philosophy of Disguise
4) Natural Disguises
5) Minor Aids in Disguise
6) Wigs, Mustaches, and Other Facial Fuzz
7) Criminal Disguises
8) Make-Up
9) Casting Prostheses
10) A Pocket Disguise Kit
11) Disguising the Voice
12) Mannerisms, Habits, and Gait
13) Blending with the Crowd
14) Camouflage
15) Plastic Surgery
16) Body Image
17) Foreskin Restoration
18) Going all the Way
19) Futuristic Prospects
20) Cross-Dressing and Sex Change
21) Falsifying Fingerprints
22) Impersonation

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