Medieval Swordsmanship

Illustrated Methods And Techniques

by John Clements


344 pages, 8.5" x 11"

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From the author of Renaissance Swordsmanship comes the most comprehensive and historically accurate view ever of the lost fighting arts of medieval knights, warriors and men-at-arms. Based on years of extensive training and research in the use of European swords, it contains highly effective fighting techniques for the sword, sword and shield, long-sword, great-sword, pole-arm and more. And with more than 200 illustrations and rare historical documents, it is a scholarly reference as well as a hands-on training guide for martial artists of all levels.
John Clements has practiced cut-and-thrust swordsmanship for almost 20 years and trains regularly in long-sword, sword and shield, sword and buckler, sword and dagger, medieval spear, and rapier and dagger methods. He lectures on historical weaponry and is an ardent promoter of contact-weapon sparring with historical replica swords.
1) Medieval Combat Environment
2) Medieval Fighting Manuals
3) Medieval Swords
4) Making of Medieval Swords
5) Swords Against Plate Armor
6) Fate of the Medieval Sword
7) Forms of the Medieval Sword
8) Medieval Shields
9) Sword and Shield
10) Long Sword
11) Practice and Sparring
12) Obtaining a Real Sword
13) Problem of Stage-Combat
14) Methods of Weapon-Sparring
15) Blunt Steel and Plate Armor Sparring
16) Medieval Fantasy and "Boffer" Sparring Methods
17) Importance of the Full-Leg Target in Weapon-Sparring
18) Kneeling Down in Weapon Sparring Rules
19) Weapon-Sparring in Martial Arts
20) Understanding Swords and Martial Arts in America