Maritime Terror: Revised and Updated - PDF eBook

Protecting Yourself, Your Vessel, and Your Crew Against Piracy

by Jim Gray, Mark Monday and Gary Stubblefield


PDF eBook
104 pages

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High-seas hijackings, hostile boardings, and robberies at port or anchorage have exploded worldwide, and today's pirates are more daring, sophisticated, and violent than ever before. Before a ship sets sail, a comprehensive maritime security plan is essential to ensure the safety of vessel and crew.

This revised and updated edition of Maritime Terror is designed to help modern seamen—from commercial ship captains to yacht owners—formulate that plan. It offers sound advice on how to recognize and defend against a broad range of threats—from stowaways to terrorist suicide attackers. Drawing on decades of naval and SEAL team training and professional experience, the authors provide guidance on detecting, deterring, and, if necessary, destroying maritime attackers. Highlights include:
  • presailing security checklists for high-risk transits
  • multiple methods to detect threats at sea
  • essential equipment for maritime security
  • emergency procedures for hostile boarding attacks
  • comprehensive guidelines for legally stowing and using firearms in port and at sea
  • advice on hardened safe rooms and vessel protection detachments
Make sure your maritime travels don't run into catastrophe at the hands of pirates or terrorists. Let Maritime Terror help you formulate, provision, train, and test a vessel security plan to ensure a safe and successful transit through hostile waters.
Jim Gray is a combat veteran and Retired Special Warfare Combat Craft (SWCC) Master Chief with 22 years' experience in Combatant Craft Operations. He served on both active and reserve duty, including service in the Northern Persian Gulf. Upon retirement, while working with Vantage Systems Incorporated, he sailed high-risk waters as a maritime security specialist, protecting multimillion dollar yachts and crew while at sea and pierside from the threat of pirates.

Gary Stubblefield, Commander, USN (Ret.), is one of the original SEAL "Men in Green Faces," with combat experience in Vietnam, Central America, and early Gulf War conflicts. As president of Vantage System Incorporated, an international security management firm, he remains active in antiterrorist efforts throughout the globe.

Mark Monday is an award-winning writer who specializes in insurgency and revolt. A veteran journalist who formerly published two international journals on insurgency, he has been active as a consultant to government agencies on special operations forces, terrorist uses of weapons of mass destruction, human terrain team research, and intelligence doctrine.

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