Kelly McCann's Crucible High-Risk Environment Training Volume Six: Ground Kem-'Ba-Tivz

Street Solutions to Common MMA Set-ups

with Kelly McCann

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60 minutes

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With the prevalence of mixed martial arts in today's media, the street thug now has a new weapon in his arsenal: grappling. You need to be prepared to deal with the MMA-enhanced street fighter, and this video with Kelly McCann will teach you how to take out any mixed martial artist, from the wannabe wrestler to the proficient brawler. Going far beyond the groundfighting material he taught in his best-selling Jim Grover's Combatives series, McCann shows you combatives-oriented defenses against common MMA set-ups such as the devastating triangle choke, the crippling Muay Thai leg kick, the tackle attempt, and much more. McCann's lesson is that you don't have to fear the groundfighter: defeat him with simple, brutal techniques proven through the experience of real-world violent encounters, not half-baked martial arts moves taught by Walter Mittys wearing black. The Crucible's motto is "Nothing we do is competition legal, because your life's no game." Take that to heart and beat the grappler whichever way he tries to attack you. For information purposes only.
Kelly McCann is one of America's foremost experts on personal and corporate security, armed and unarmed combat, and antiterrorist tactics. As the CEO of Crucible Security Specialists, he and his staff have provided security training for audiences ranging from elite U.S. counterterrorist units to Fortune 500 executives. He is also known to the public as "Jim Grover," former personal security editor for Guns and Ammo magazine and noted author of numerous instructional videos on armed and unarmed close combat and the best-selling book Street Smarts, Firearms, and Personal Security.
1) The Clinch
- Blocking with Elbow Points
- Spearing Elbow
- Slashing Elbow
- Groin Attack
- Straight Knee
- Slap and Tap
2) Takedowns
- Sprawl and Strike – Apexing
- Vertical Elbow Strike to Back of the Head
- Attack eyes with Near Side Hand and Transfer to Opposite Hand
3) Muay Thai Leg Kick
- Unweight the Leg
- Turn the Leg Out
- Dump the Knee In
- Take the Hit to Get a Counter-Punch
- Angle/Hook Kick
4) Triangle Choke
- Elbow to Groin
- Clavicle Claw/Clavicle Notch Attack
- Attack the Eyes
5) Rear Naked Choke
- Small Joint Manipulation/Digit Damage
- Clear Folder, Use as Point Pressure Device
- Grab Toe of Shoe, Manipulate
- Clear Folder, Stabilize Arm, Cut Out
6) Armbar
- Set Elbow into His Groin
- Access Folder, Use as Point Pressure Device or Cut Out
7) Standing Armbars
8) Mount Position
- Knee Strike to Spine, Then Attack Eyes, Clavicle
- Knife as Point Pressure Device on Trapped Hands
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