Kelly McCann's Crucible High-Risk Environment Training Set

Six Volume Set

with Kelly McCann, John Garman, Chad Morman and Phil Motzer

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Six volume set
437 total minutes

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Can't afford to go to Kelly McCann's Crucible for training? Get the next best thing with the complete six-volume High-Risk Environment Training series featuring Kelly McCann and his Crucible instructors.

Volume 1: Kem-'ba-tiv Knife with Kelly McCann. For the first time captured on video, this is Kelly McCann's street-proven knife fighting curriculum in its entirety.

Volume 2: Pocket Pistols with Phil Motzer. Taught by the Crucible's chief firearms instructor, this video will show you that it's not the size of the gun in the fight but where and how you place your rounds that spells the difference between getting home safe and going to the morgue.

Volume 3: Combative Conditioning with John Garman. The Crucible's fitness expert distills years of research and personal experience of real-world violence into a video designed to teach you how to develop long-term cardiovascular endurance, fast-twitch muscle fiber, and the kind of cold-shot power that will put an attacker on the ground, hard.

Volume 4: Mission-Essential Off-Road Driving by Chad Morman. Taught by the Crucible's off-roading expert, this program will give you the vital basics of mission-essential off-road driving, where you have to get your vehicle and passengers intact to your destination, no matter what the terrain.

Volume 5: Exploding Handgun Myths with Phil Motzer. This no-nonsense video teaches you how you can put man-stopping rounds into your attacker when you're faced with real-world violence, not static targets on a safety-monitored range.

Volume 6: Ground Kem-'ba-tivz with Kelly McCann. Learn proven techniques for taking out any mixed martial artist, from the wannabe wrestler to the proficient brawler.

See the descriptions of the individual volumes for more details.
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