Jim Grover's Situational "Self-Offense"

A Hard-Core Guide to Offense-Based Defensive Tactics

with Kelly McCann, aka Jim Grover

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90 minutes

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You are reading this because you want "the real stuff," and the best teacher of real-world, no-holds-barred, in-your-face defensive tactics is Kelly McCann, aka Jim Grover. Jim Grover's Situational "Self-Offense" is a hard-hitting Paladin video production that picks up where Grover's best-selling Combatives series leaves off. In this video, Grover teaches you how to apply his hard-core streetfight-proven methods to react quickly and decisively to a variety of common attacks. He teaches you how to immediately take offensive charge of a situation to effectively escape headlocks and chokes, foil a weapon draw, stop the streetfighter's "jackknife" technique, counter knife and box-cutter attacks, fight multiple attackers and regain the advantage when you've been sucker punched. Best of all, Grover's techniques do not require you to learn a complicated, counterintuitive set of specialized skills; they're simple, logical, direct, extremely aggressive and brutally effective. This isn't martial arts, which you do with somebody. It's combatives, which you do to somebody.
Kelly McCann is one of America's foremost experts on personal and corporate security, armed and unarmed combat, and antiterrorist tactics. As the CEO of Crucible Security Specialists, he and his staff have provided security training for audiences ranging from elite U.S. counterterrorist units to Fortune 500 executives. He is also known to the public as "Jim Grover," former personal security editor for Guns and Ammo magazine and noted author of numerous instructional videos on armed and unarmed close combat and the best-selling book Street Smarts, Firearms, and Personal Security.
1) The Jackknife
2) The Felony Draw
3) Knife Disarm
4) Lapel Grabs and Front Chokes
5) Full Nelsons and Bear Hugs
6) The Side Headlock
7) The Guillotine Choke
8) Hand, Wrist, and Stick Grabs
9) Rear Chokes
10) Pushing, Ambiguous Attacks and Arm Releases
11) Regaining the Advantage
12) Combative Principles
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