How to Break Into Pro Wrestling

"Judo" Gene LeBell's Insider Guide to the Biz

by Gene LeBell, with Mark Jacobs


152 pages, 8.5" x 11"
205 photos

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So you want to be a pro wrestler. Well, take it from "Judo" Gene LeBell, it can be a rough business. The son of a wrestling and boxing promoter, "Judo" Gene grew up in the biz, gaining an insider's understanding of the wild world of pro wrestling from the perspective of both promoter and wrestler. A former pro himself, he knows firsthand what it takes to enter the ring, and he's here to tell you, you'd better be prepared to work, sweat and bleed, because beyond all of the glamour you see on TV, it's damn hard work! If you think you've got what it takes, then you can take your pick from one of the professional schools listed in the book and go for it. But first, "Judo" Gene gives you a taste of the blood, sweat and tears you will leave on the mat along the way, schooling you in the basic techniques you'll need to know to make the big time: classic holds like the full nelson and the Boston crab, powerful pins like the reverse cradle, illegal moves like elbow grinds and fishhooks, aerial maneuvers like flipping off the top rope and much, much more!

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The son of promoter Aileen Eaton, "Judo" Gene LeBell grew up training at L.A.'s Olympic Auditorium with some of the greatest professional fighters of all time. After winning two consecutive national judo championships in the 1950s, he decided to try his hand at pro wrestling and went on to win the world heavyweight wrestling championship. Gene has also done stunt work for movies and television and has appeared in more than 1,000 movies and TV shows. Considered one of the greatest martial artists of all time, he is also a teacher of champions, including Chuck Norris, Ed Parker, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and Gokor Chivichyan

A former reporter for New York Newsday, Mark Jacobs is a free-lance writer whose work has appeared in Sports Illustrated, Men's Health and TimeOut New York. He lives in New York, where he teaches martial arts and is at work on a novel.
1) A Brief History of Professional Wrestling
2) So Who Is This Gene Lebell Guy, Anyway?
3) The State of the Game
4) What Does It Take to Be a Professional Wrestler?
5) How to Break in and Advance up the Ladder
6) Your Friend, Mr. Charisma
7) Let's Get Physical
8) Preparing Your Body
9) How to Stand and Fall
10) Throws and Slams
11) Punches, Kicks, and Strikes
12) Combination Moves
13) Learning the Ropes
14) Holds
15) Pins
16) The Dark Side of the Moon
17) Aerial Maneuvers
18) Exiting the Ring
19) Foreign Objects