Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance, Vol. V: The AR-15/M16

The AR-15/M16

by Bill Holmes


118 pages, 8.5" x 11"
photos, illust.

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The latest volume in this popular and timely series offers detailed instructions, complete with photos and machinist's drawings, for making a pistol-caliber AR-15/M16 entirely from raw materials, as either a rifle or pistol, open or closed bolt and in semi or full auto. For academic study only.
Warning: Actual construction of the firearms described in these books and videos may be illegal under federal law. The BATF actively pursues and prosecutes anybody who violates firearm statutes.
Bill Holmes was one of the last remaining links to a bygone era. He first learned about gunsmithing more than 50 years ago from a guy who took his "fix-it" wagon all around doing odd jobs. Since then, Bill designed and constructed innumerable firearms, wrote seven books and was featured in two videos for Paladin and became one of the country's best-known and most highly respected authorities on home-workshop weapons and firearms laws.
1) Materials and Tools
2) Upper Receiver
3) Bolt
4) Barrel
5) Barrel Shroud, Stock, and Grip
6) Sights
7) Lower Receiver
8) Magazine
9) Small Parts
10) Fitting and Assembly
11) Heat-Treating and Finishing
12) Firing and Adjusting