Handgunner's Guide - PDF eBook

Including the Art of the Quick Draw and Combat Shooting

by Chic Gaylord


PDF eBook
184 pages

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In his day, Chic Gaylord was the "top gun" in the world of combat shooting, enjoying a reputation as one of the fastest and most accurate shooters around. This Paladin collector's edition of Handgunner's Guide is a faithful reproduction of his 1960 classic that revolutionized the holster industry (even today Gaylord is considered the premiere designer of modern concealment holsters) and, to a great extent, changed the way we view tactics and techniques to survive and win a gunfight. Although some of the weapons discussed in this book are no longer available, a surprising amount of the information is still as tactically sound and relevant today as it was 40 years ago when used by a wide variety of U.S. federal and local law enforcement agencies and several European and Latin American countries to train their elite shooters. This release is intended to provide an accurate account of Chic Gaylord's genius and his craft and to perpetuate it for new generations of shooters.
1) Adapting Your gun
2) Weapons for Concealment
3) Personal Defense Weapons
4) Service Weapons
5) Guns for Combat Practice
6) The Fun Guns
7) Centerfire Hunting Weapons
8) Ammunition
9) Undercover Holsters
10) Concealment Holsters
11) Service Holsters
12) Field Holsters
13) Western Holsters
14) Commercial Targets
15) Safe Gun Handling
16) Close Combat Shooting
17) Alley Cleaning
18) Mid-Range Combat
19) Long-Range Shooting
20) Quick Draw
21) The Psychology of Gun Fighting
22) Holster History
23) The Shooting Gallery+

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