Handgun Combatives

Part 2: Enhancing Your Combat Shooting Skills

with Dave Spaulding

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In a market saturated with information about the combative use of a handgun comes a much-needed practical perspective from the 2010 Law Officer Trainer of the Year, Dave Spaulding. For the Handgun Combatives videos, Spaulding draws on what he has learned in more than 35 years of law enforcement and federal security experience to show you what fighting with a pistol is really like. Spaulding readily admits that much of what he knows about shooting he learned from others, because he made it his business to learn from the best. Spaulding then takes this hard-earned knowledge and adds his own unique, combat-proven twists.

In the second part of Handgun Combatives, Dave Spaulding shows you how to apply the handgun shooting essentials you learned from Part 1 to more advanced scenarios. The fundamental rule for situational shooting— from vehicles, in low-light or inconsistent lighting, in extreme close quarters, to the rear, or when clearing a building in a oneman- entry operation—is behavioral consistency. Achieving this consistency requires the right skills. Every move you make, every aim you take, or every shot you fire is more likely to be successful if it has been perfected through proper training techniques and drills.

Now you can benefit from Spaulding's hands-on street experience, indepth firearms instruction, and committed personal training practices to ensure that you are ready, able, and willing to fire your handgun if needed.
Dave Spaulding is a professional firearms instructor with 36 years of experience in law enforcement and federal security. The recipient of the 2010 Law Enforcement Trainer of the Year Award from the International Law Enforcement Training and Educators Association (ILEETA) and Law Officer magazine, Dave is a graduate of many prestigious firearms training programs and has trained students worldwide in realistic combat handgun techniques. He was a founding member of his agency's SWAT team and acted as its training officer for eight years. In addition to his many published articles (over 1,000), Dave is the author of two acclaimed books, Defensive Living and Handgun Combatives. He currently operates his own training company that focuses exclusively on the combative application of the handgun. For more information or to contact Dave, visit his website.
1) Gunfight Tactics
- Shooting on the Move
- Shooting and Moving
- Lateral Movement
- Shooting from Different Positions
- Use of Cover
- Concealment
2) Close Distance Conflict
- Multiple Targets
- Non-Hostile Situation
- Targets
- Close Combative Fire
- Shove and Shoot
- Strike to Head
- Close-Quarter Live Fire
- Rear Close-Quarter Live Fire
- Multiple-Target Engagement
3) Low-Light Techniques
- Flashlights
- Flashlight Techniques
- Harries Technique
- Surefire Technique
- Marine Corps Technique
- Graham Technique
- Neck Index Technique
- FBI Technique
- Weapon Mounted Light
- Low-Light Search and Identification
- Low-Light Moving and Shooting
- Low-Light Drill
4) Shooting from a Vehicle
- Bouncing Bullets
5) Building Search Principles
- Single-Person Building Search
- Fast Evacuation
- Stairwell Clearing
6) Live Fire Drills
- Ready-Position Drill
- Holster Draw Drill
- Reload Drill
- "Bill" Drill
- "El Presidente" Drill
7) Conclusion
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