Gladiator Conditioning

Fitness for the Modern Warrior

with Mark Hatmaker


Softcover workbook, DVD set
88 pages, 8.5" x 11", photos
DVD, 100 minutes
805966 031132

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Get the ultimate combat fitness package with Paladin's exclusive Gladiator Conditioning Course! The course includes Mark Hatmaker's Gladiator Conditioning DVD and his 88-page Gladiator Conditioning Workbook.

Gladiator Conditioning is a DVD version of Hatmaker's best-selling video – with a twist. In addition to providing all the advantages of the DVD format, this DVD features an all-new 30-minute bonus workout. In this segment, Hatmaker leads you through a heart-pumping, nonstop session of his "Eight to Hate" workout that is sure to take your combat fitness to the limit.

The Gladiator Conditioning Workbook completes the Gladiator Conditioning Course, a scientifically sound progression of strength, endurance, and flexibility exercises specifically designed to meet the needs of the hard-core combat athlete. In addition to providing a convenient training reference that you can take with you anywhere, this unique workbook contains bonus supplemental material that will supercharge your personal combat fitness training, including:
  • The key scientific principles of the Gladiator Conditioning Course
  • The real meaning of combat fitness and how to achieve it
  • Breath control secrets that will significantly increase your fighting endurance
  • How to develop mental toughness for training and combat
  • Variations on the core Eight to Hate, Grappler's Dozen, and Sandbag Workout exercises
  • No-nonsense nutritional advice for the serious combat athlete
  • Customized Gladiator Workout schedules for athletes of all levels, including "pro" training routines and Hatmaker's patented "shock" workouts for ultimate fighting fitness

Whether you battle on the mat, in the ring, or on the street, this phenomenal fitness program will help you develop the targeted strength and endurance you need to win. Take the Gladiator Conditioning challenge and you'll be ready to take on all challengers.For information purposes only

Mark Hatmaker is a lifelong student of the martial arts with more than 24 years of experience in Western boxing, wrestling, and no-holds-barred fighting. Known as "The Professor of Grappling," he is widely recognized for his pragmatic, results-oriented approach to combat training. Hatmaker conducts regular seminars across the country and can be visited at his website.
1) The Grapplers Dozen
2) Eight to Hate
3) The Sandbag Workout
4) Extra Credit Conditioners
5) Bonus Workout
1) Fundamentals Concepts
- Specificity
- Synergy
- Somatotrophics
- Efficiency and Effectiveness
2) Take a Breather: The Ultimate Importance of Breath Control
- Competing Breath Rates
- Clearing Breath
- Energizing Breath
- Compressed Breath
- Stacked Breath
- Relaxing Breath
- Additional Breath Training
3) The Demands of Combat
4) Mind Games
5) The Eight to Hate
- Baithek/Squats
- The Full Dand
- Back Neck Bridge
- Front Neck Bridge
- Gladiator Crunches
- Pull Fours
- Grip Work
- Jump Squats
6) The Grappler's Dozen
- Foot Stretch
- Calf Stretch
- Hamstring Stretch
- Groin Stretch
- Quadriceps Stretch
- Spinal Twist
- Split Plough/Lumber Spine Stretch
- Tucked Plough/Cervical Stretch
- Cat Stretch /Thoracic Spine Stretch
- Chest/Pec Stretch
- Shoulder Girdle/Deltoid Stretch
- Triceps Stretch
7) The Sandbag Workout
- Bridge Press
- Hack Squats
- Triceps Extension
- Squats
- Upright Row
- Back Squats
- Jump Squats
- Bent Rows
- Calf Raises
- Front Press
- Behind the Neck Press
- Biceps Curls
8) Eight to Hate Variations
9) Nutrition
10) Gladiator Schedules
- Starting Out
- The Maintenance Program
- The Pro Routine
- Shock Routines