French Foreign Legion Combatives: Phase 1

Stand-Up Fighting

with Nick Hughes

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150 minutes

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A former member of the 2nd parachute regiment in the French Foreign Legion, Nick Hughes has built his combatives curriculum on his extensive martial arts background, including ju-jitsu, tae kwon do, and Zen Do Kai. During his five years with the Legion, Hughes sharpened his skills and learned combatives from some of the toughest instructors on earth. Later on, working in an executive protection detail, Hughes refined his curriculum into one of the world's most unique combatives systems.

The French Foreign Legion Combatives series is broken into six phases that reflect how a fight progresses. Most fights begin with punches and kicks. If these aren't decisive, the next phase is usually stand-up grappling. Then, if the fight isn't resolved, someone usually trips or is thrown to the ground and a ground fight ensues. Phase four deals with an aspect that any combat curriculum must address: how to fight effectively against multiple opponents. The situation dictates whether phase five is applicable and how it will be applied (e.g., military, police, or civilian): control and restraint. The final phase deals with weapons, including defending against bladed weapons, impact weapons, and firearms.

In Phase I: Stand-Up Fighting, Hughes provides an in-depth analysis of strikes that can be perfected in a short amount of time so they can be used right away. From open-hand strikes, punches, and powerful kicks to drills addressing target acquisition, reflexes, and stress inoculation, this video answers one simple question: if you have to go to battle tomorrow, what unarmed combat techniques can you learn between now and then?

Have you always been intrigued by the French Foreign Legion? This is your chance to learn its fighting secrets without signing up for five years! For information purposes only.
1) Fundamentals
- The Stance
- Footwork
- Clock Drill
- Push-Pull Drill
2) Upper Body Strikes
- The Palm Heel
- Target Acquisition
- The Edge of the Hand
- Hammer Fist
- Web Hand
- The Slap
- Ear Slap
- Eye Strike
- Chin Jab
- The Fist
- Clenching the Fist
- Throwing the Fist
- Lead-Hand Punch
- Power-Hand Punch
- Hook Punch and Uppercut
- Headbutt
- The Elbow
3) Lower Body Strikes
- Knees
- Front Kick
- Groin Kick
- Side Kick
- Back Kick
4) Drills
- Target Acquisition
- Blocking Punches
- Building Aggression
- Reflex Drill
- Non-Telegraphic Strikes
- Stress Inoculation
- Flashing Targets
- Punch-Out Drill
- Speed Enhancement
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